Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thanks Andrew Carnagie!

I went hunting for textbooks in math, especially geometry and trigonometry.  As I mentioned in my prior post, i wanted to try Powell's. (i went to the one in Lincoln avenue instead of hyde park at first.)  The bookstore was pretty great, but, sadly, no real textbooks.  There were rows and rows of reporters from various math conferences.  There were a few interesting books on advanced numbers theory, topology and crytography, but sadly, nothing at my level. I did find a cheap used copy of "Everything and more" by DFW, but while i think that would be fun to read, it doesn't quite get me there.   

As I was trying to figure out whether to make the trip all the way to Hyde Park, I had a sudden moment of inspiration.  What if the citizens of my fair city had already provided the resources to get me to my goal?

One of the coolest perks of large cities like Chicago, are the well stocked nature and availability of public libraries.  And right near my apartment, across from a bar, down a block from a 7-Eleven and a liquor store, is a nice institution of learning and community.  It took me less than 3 minutes to find a coupl of textbooks on Geometry, including a book that was from the "Self-teaching guide" series... apparently i am not the only one with this idea. 

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